About us

Before this dream became a plan we had no experience with sailing. We used to own a powerboat and spent many holidays in Croatia, exploring the islands and anchorages by boat.

So our first task was to learn how to sail! We took sailing lessons, sold our powerboat and bought a Beneteau Oceanis 473 in August 2016.

Rene (1965) is the captain. He knows his way around pretty much all systems electronic and mechanical. Doesn’t believe in reading manuals or meticulous planning. Is a great cook and loves gadgets. Will be in charge of most of the blue jobs.

Joline (1982) is first mate. Loves meticulous planning, making lists and overanalyses pretty much everything. Edits our videos and will do the majority of homeschooling the kids. Will be in charge of most of the pink jobs.

Robin (2010) is our eldest daughter. She loves animals and space and wants to be a scientist. Is very creative and outgoing.

Lauren (2013) is the youngest. She loves Elsa and playing dress up. Although she can be a bit shy at first, loves performing and being silly.

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