looked at 2 yachts

This weekend we looked at 2 yachts , I actually found an Oceanis 473 for sale here in the Netherlands and since we never been on one I sent the broker an email asking if it was still available . After he confirmed it was we made an appointed to have a look at it on saturday the 22nd may 2016. He also sent me a brochure of another yacht he just accepted and ‘maybe we were interested in that one as well ?’

So off we went , luckily only an hour drive to look at 2 yachts

Once we got there the broker 1st showed us a ‘Hanse 47‘  beautiful yacht but not quite what we had in mind . It was almost brand new , very low hours (162) on the engine but to me it looked way too modern , too open (I envisioned kids falling off the back) and not what we had in mind

Then we went and looked at the yacht we actually came for , a Benneteau Oceanis 473  , and once he opened the cabin and we looked around , I knew this was more to our liking . Open , spacious , large cabins , .. I felt at home right away . I asked Joline what he opinion was and whether or not she felt she could handle it and her reply was ‘I can see us sailing away on this , I feel comfortable taking this out’

So I think tis is going in the right direction , we kinda know what size we want , we kinda know what layout we want , we kinda know what we dont want .. and now its a matter of finding the right boat 🙂

oh.. and we have chartered a Odyssey 45.2 for this summer as well , that will be interesting as it has a slightly different layout (galley along side) to see if we can live with that . If we cant live with it , great , we know what what we dont want , if we can live with it our choice is a bit wider



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