News Flash ! – wind reversal Bonaire , August 6th 2019 –

We interrupt our regular program for this newsflash !

This is what happens if the trade winds from the east suddenly make way to winds from the South !

The Stinapa park rangers helping our friends on SY Avenger with a Tugboat on standby to assist if/when needed (luckily the tug wasn’t needed at all that day)

Bluepearl , Fairy Queen , Heavy Metal and several others stayed put as we were on the outside moorings with no chance hitting the bottom .

Most boats that were on moorings closer to shore opted to leave in the morning of the 6th and seek shelter behind Klein Bonaire on one of the dive bouys

Great work from Stinapa assisting several sailing yachts !

Bonaire , August 6th , 2019

and now back to our regular program ….

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