Can you really just sell everything .. or not ?

As everyone knows we’re off on our ‘little trip’ with Sv Blue Pearl And this week I listed my Harley for sale on the local marktplaats / craigslist / marketplace website . Bunch of tirekickers .. bidders that don’t have money .. and even one or two really interested people that want to come down and have a look

Problem is , I really don’t want to sell it !! , even though I cant take it with me on the boat , .. really I cant, I thought about it but it just wont fit !!

I bought it in (cant really remember , most of the 80ies, 90ies and part of the 2000’s are kinda vague ) from Kim and Dirk as a ‘project’

So when people say ‘Oh .. i’ll give you xxxx for the bike’ pisses me off .. as it’s *my* bike , I bought it from family , it sat in my living room when my better half first walked in (and she didn’t blink an eye) it was still sitting in my living room when my in laws first visited , it moved a few times and I even build a garage for it when we built our new house !

Then someone messaged me through said marketplace asking a bunch of questions , nice person , seems serious and genuinely interested by the name of Kollies Parts and after awhile he says ‘ You know what , you shoudnt sell the bike , keep it , it will only increase in value’

That got me thinking .. I am not selling it because we need the cash .. I am not selling because I need the space .. I am selling because its .. why I am selling exactly ?

Then tonight Joline called me said the girls were in bed they were ready for my ‘good night’ kiss , when I went to their bedroom Robin asked what I was doing in the garage , so I explained clearing out the garage for the trip , hauling the snap-on toolboxes to the attic and fixing the bike so its ready to be sold .. ‘But daddy ? , why are you selling the bike ? , you’ve worked so hard on it and its not even completely ready yet ?.. do you really have to sell it ?’

ermmm…. ‘Do I have to sell it ?’ .. fuck no ..

Ok.. thats the final drop … I am going to haul it up to the garage attic

And even though I am not materialistic , some things you just can’t sell it hurts too much … and Robin ? .. when you’re 18 you have a Harley Shovelhead as long as I can keep riding it !

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