getting ready ‘stress’ T + 60 days

I have always made it a point to not get stressed , much.  Stress is to be avoided at all costs as its bad for your health , your well being , the well being of those around you , and its generally just bad.

But as we’re nearing our departure date, which we set for the 1st of May , and I realize how much we still have to do and organize I feel stress coming up. Wasn’t this supposed to be fun ? Shouldn’t this ‘getting ready’ be at least as much ‘fun’ as actually doing ‘it’ ?

To cope with the amount of ‘stuff’ we still have to do , all the paperwork we still need to organize I made a big ass list and taped it to the kitchen door , just so I can look at it from time to time, get my energy level up to where I can do ‘stuff’ just so I can scratch it off the list !

So these 2 lists are the ‘must do things’ for our family home before we rent it out , before we can shut the door behind us and drop the keys at the company that will find tenants . just the 2 lists for 1 place.. *sigh* (and I carefully avoided putting on some of the bigger projects like ‘finishing up and cleaning up the garage’ as I just put in a single line that says ‘garage’ )

Then we have another house that needs to be be ready as well , for new tenants .. more lists ..

And *then* I have a separate list of all the paperwork that still has some loose ends  that need to be taken care off.

Its very tempting to just add a few days, or a week or 2, and push out our ‘cast off’ date !!

Tomorrow is another day , more ‘schtuff’ to clean out , more ‘schtuff’ to give away , throw away , clear out , dump , trips to the thrift store , books and papers to sort .. hurray ..

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