Cartagena: Roman architecture, graffiti and folk festival

On Friday we started the day with school and in the afternoon we went sightseeing. We visited the impressive Roman architecture excavation site in the centre of town.

The old & the new. Ancient Roman houses & modern roofing.
It’ll be some years before the kids truly understand why this was worth a visit.
Still being excavated. Who knows what they’ll find in the future!


We also found a large marble square (the old Roman forum of Cartagena) with four GIANT trees.

Giant trees on the forum romanum in Cartagena


At first it seemed odd that on one side of the square there were fancy, decorated buildings and on the other side shabby derelict houses. But as it turned out, those nice, decorated buildings were just fronts – the buildings themselves had been demolished.

We actually found quite a lot of derelict or partly demolished houses in town, as well as new renovation and building projects.



Great street art mural of Pablo Picasso on the back of a partly demolished building.
More street art.

At the end of our walk we went back to the waterfront where a Folk Festival had started. There was music, a tourist market and what turned out to be the worst food truck food I’d ever tasted. Apparently you can just sell crappy fast food as long as your truck has had a ‘hipster makeover’ or state the food is somehow “Argentinian”.

Folk Festival, picture taken on Saturday with rainclouds coming in. And consequently a lot less visitors.


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