Change and motion

Change is a funny beast

akin to the wind and the water

It is constant

and constant in motion


They say the same man cannot cross the same river twice

for it is not the same river

and he is not the same man


The same can be said about sailing

and living at sea


Every day is a change

everything is in motion

even if we stay at anchor

and days look alike


I once served a man in a post office

he was in his 80’s 

but his eyes were those of a young man

sparkling with mischief and life

It felt I could see inside his soul

and strip away the layers of change

and history


That moment changed me forever


When I look at the sea floor 

or the sky at night

I’m in awe like I was as a child

The core that remained

and grounds me like an anchor


Our boat reminds me of a core too

No matter where we are

No matter how much change surrounds us


Our ship remains

and grounds us


Even in constant motion


love from Mallorca! <3

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