Dancing with Gaia

Dancing with Gaia

Cruising maybe is like dancing
and there are so many ways to do it

It makes little sense to judge a ballerina on their hip hop skills

or a line dancer for their ability to freestyle

For me, I think, sailing is like a tango

Slow, quick, quick, slow

Slow, quick, quick, slow

all the while following the lead 
of Gaia

The seasons

The wind

The weather

The waves

Dancing under the stars

Dancing over the seas

Getting from one place to the other

Not in a clean, straight line

But there is a pattern

Slow, quick, quick, slow

Slow, quick, quick, slow

You need to learn and plan the steps when setting foot on the dance floor

but once you’re there, you’ve got to stop overthinking

You’ve got to feel it instead

Go with the flow, be in the moment

And listen to the music, whatever style it may be

For me, the music is in the beauty of nature

in the people we meet

in the lives they live

in the foods we try

in the conversations we have

in the connections we make

and music is meaningless without silence between the notes.

Slow, quick, quick, slow

Slow, quick, quick, slow

Every place a new song

The dance goes on

Go out there and find your music.

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