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For the last few years I have had this itch . This itch gets stronger when I spend time on the water and it gets a little weaker in the winter . The itch is ‘I want to go away , do more of what we do during our vacations , see the world , spend slow time with my family , teach the girls that there is more than our little village and I want to do it before I get too old’ .. the kinda itch that some call ‘mid life crisis’ *chuckles*  . But over the last few years the itch is getting worse .. and worse. And Joline and I got talking ‘what if we buy a more capable boat’ ‘what if we can stay out longer’ ‘what if we cruise the Med’ etc etc .

All these wonderful thoughts and then reality hit.. and the reality is ‘I can’t even sail !!  I can handle a boat but I have no &*^%’ing clue which rope to pull to get which rag up to catch the wind’ . So off I went .. and in September 2014 me and a bunch of friends chartered a 43 foot bareboat sailing yacht in Croatia. I have all the papers needed to actually charter a yacht and one of the guys could actually sail so off we went , and we had a blast ! .. ‘I can get used to this raggie lifestyle’ I remember myself thinking…

fasttrack forward…….

So , in 2015 we both got our CWO I , I chartered another yacht in September with a bunch of buddies.  July 2016 we’re chartering a Sun Odyssey 45.2 for vacation and in August 2016 we’re going for our CWO II and we’re actually looking for yachts !!

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