Karnic sold !

We had our sports boat , a Karnic 2460 , up for sale since September 2014 as we needed the funds to go towards the ‘Buy a sailboat to take us around the world’ budget . And as I didn’t feel like towing the Karnic back home (1800 kms behind the Landrover) I decided to put it up for sale in Croatia where it was anyway, thinking there would be a lot of interest from Croatians, Germans , Austrians etc . Boy was I wrong !!  Over the last year we had exactly one potentially interested buyer which contacted the broker . But sadly that deal fell through .

Then it went quiet .. dead quiet . No nibbles , no ‘tire kickers’ .. nothing

But finally , while we were on vacation in Croatia this year, we had an interested buyer and after a few visits , a sea trail (that almost went sour as the Croatian coast guard said I was going too fast being still too close to the shoreline doing a WOT test run with the broker and buyer) we agreed on a price and the deal seems to be done as the buyer made a down payment !

Bye Bye Karnic .. you will be missed but we’re ready for the next step in our lives



looking at that picture I just realized that the only reason why I have the Defender (aside from always having a stupid grin on my face while driving) is that I needed to tow the Karnic !! I have some thinking to do about what to do with the Defender

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