More health & medical prep

With our flights now booked (the countdown widget is now accurate!) it was time for more medical prep. Rene and the kids went for their last dental checkup (all good!), I will be going in for that coming week.

Last Tuesday I had ‘the pleasure’ of having an appointment with a dental surgeon for a wisdom tooth removal. 7 years ago I had my other 3 wisdom teeth removed (1 at the dentist, no big deal. The other 2 also at the dental surgeon). Honestly, that last experience had me spooked in such a way that I happily found excuses to not go in for the final one. And if we weren’t planning on traveling, I probably would have postponed even longer.

But, better safe than sorry, the last thing I would want is having a crippling toothache in the middle of the ocean. So, after several hours of being almost sick with nerves, I went in and had the procedure done.

Luckily I had a very friendly surgeon performing the extraction, who put me at ease as best he could, which helped tremendously. The aftermath hasn’t been too bad, little swelling and manageable pain, nothing my painkillers can’t handle. I’m really relieved I got that out of the way!

I also bought new glasses, because the one pair I have are several years old and have never been any good. I almost never use them. I normally wear contact lenses, but with those upcoming night watches having a pair of glasses I can just put on would be much handier than fumbling with contacts every couple of hours.

I’m still getting used to them and the kids have commented they don’t like me looking “different”. I’ll probably go back to using contacts when we’re not sailing, but during an overnight trip or longer passage, it’s good to know I now have glasses I can actually SEE with. Which is kinda the point.

Next on the list is a visit and talk with our GP, to talk about our trip and ask for a supply of medicine to take with us, and then we’ll probably be done ‘health wise’.

Meanwhile, the house is coming along. Boxes and bags are being packed, more stuff is being thrown out and even more painting is being done. We had an appointment with a realtor last Friday, who is going to find tenants for both our house and the house of Rene’s late brother.

In the coming week we’ll be tasked with taking pictures of this place, room by room, to add to the portfolio, and she’ll take it from there.

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