One step closer: Shots, shots, shots


Today we headed to the travel clinic to get our first series of shots. It was every bit as much fun as I anticipated (I hate needles so much and the last time I got a shot I actually fainted so I think I was secretly dreading it more than the kids were) but we do value our health so we had to cross this off our prep-list.

Rene and I both got 3 shots today (yellow fever, rabies and hep) and the kids 2 (rabies and hep).

We’ll be back there next week for our second batch and after that one more. Can’t wait. Yay travelling….

Additional information:

Yellow fever shots : as some countries require proof youve been vaccinated when you enter from a risk country

Morocco : DTP (diphtheria, tetatus , polio) & Hep A , we got B as well

Canary Islands : none

Cape Verdes : DTP & Hep A

Surinam : DTP & Hep A

Barbados : DTP & Hep A

Panama : Yellow Fever , DTP & Hep A

Furthermore we opted for rabies injections , quite expensive !!, and typhoid. When you’re being stuck with needles might as well get it over with.

Our insurance covers 75% of the costs of the shots so not too bad considering the 1st round of shots yesterday was 750 euro yesterday (rabies shots are quite expensive !)

Shots to be taken over 4 weeks to be 100% effective

Costs (not taking into account insurance pay) here in Holland per person

Typhoid : 35 euro
DTP : 25 euro
Yellow fever : 40 euro
Hep A & B combo : 60 euro
Rabies : 82 euro (has to be done 3 times so 3x 82 per person)
Vaccin ‘passport’: 3.50

Consult costs : 35 euro each


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