The rollercoaster of parenthood

Yesterday I cried after seeing Robin yelling out in a fit of panic before getting her shots, temporarily questioning in that moment what on Earth we were putting our kids through.

Today my heart swelled with pride after hearing our kids play together IN ENGLISH in the living room, or last week when they gifted some of their plushies to their friends who came over to play.

Everything is changing around us. We change, our kids change, our house is becoming gradually more empty as our possessions are slowly being cleared out, only keeping what we wish to have when we return or what we need now or bring with us.

Change is scary and life can hurt. I have no way of knowing how we all will be in 2 years, or 4, or 10. What the kids will grow up into with the experience of having sailed the world. There will be highs and lows, tears and laughter, happy moments and scary ones. And that is okay.

As long as we remain a stable unit together, I have to trust we can ride those ups and downs like the waves we’ll find ourselves sailing soon.

I just may need to remind myself of this sometimes.

Let me leave you today with one of my favourite poems and one whose words continue to be either a nudge back in the right direction (on bad days) or a guiding force (on good days) for how I personally try to raise our daughters.

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