Its been quiet for awhile , but don’t worry !

The last 2 months , since our friends Marc, Erwin and Luka left , have been hectic and wonderful . We spend a lot of time in the San Blas winding down , meeting the local Kuna people , buying fresh produce off the boats that come by and the fantastic cruising community that is in San Blas.

We met many familiar faces and made many new friends , but as our Panama canal crossing is getting closer (no firm date as of yet !) we moved to Linton Bay where Blue Pearl is right now.

During these months we floated many ideas ranging from ‘what is next and how are we going to do this phase’ to ‘would it be a good idea to maybe get crew on board to assist with boat schooling and possibly learn something new’

One of things we have been considering is selling Blue Pearl when we arrive in New Zealand and possibly doing ‘it’ again , sailing away again from Europe to the West , skipping parts that we thought we’re ‘less interesting’ and spending again some time in parts of the world we loved .  No absolute decision has been made yet but a comfortable catamaran is high on the (my!) list , more space for friends and family and with the possibility of doing some charters , making some money and financing our trip for a few more years !  , we will keep you informed 😉

After speaking to other cruisers , that also had kids on board, about taking on possible crew to assist with schooling on board , bring something new and share experiences they recommended that we had a look at one particular site ‘workaway’ .  In the past we never felt that we needed or even wanted extra people on board , this is a ‘family thing’ and we can do this by ourselves ! but the benefit of having someone that can actually bring something new is really appealing as well , imagine a native Spanish or French person teaching their language to all of us ? , or a person that teach our girls a new subject ? Or someone that is a professional cook and a teacher and can do nightwatches ? you get the idea .

So we made a profile on the workaway website and are now sorting the responses !

All in All loads of things going on and getting ready for !


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