Watermaker – The little wonder 200

I was browsing the local used marketplace online , looking for parts when I spotted an ad saying ‘watermaker parts , some 12 volt some 24 volt’

I saw 2 high pressure tubes thinking it would be a good opportunity to extend our own watermaker increasing its capacity by adding more RO membranes and have spares for the system . I put in a 100 euro offer and received a message ‘if you give me 150 euro the parts are yours’ . I called the seller saying I accepted his asking price and went down to pick everything up.

When I got home I laid everything on the workbench it slowly dawned on me that what I just got was a complete 12 volt watermaker system ! a ‘Little wonder 200 gpd’ a little dusty but brand new , never used and 99% complete , including a rebuild set for the high pressure pump !

Our current watermaker is a 220v system , home brew and modular as well , but its 220volt (the motor / high pressure pump is) so it needs the generator to make water . this system runs on 12 volt so I can run it off the solar panels and batteries !

What I plan to do is install this system, hook it up to 12 volts and test it out. If everything works as expected I will connect the membranes to the 220volt motor and high pressure pump and test that set up as well. If both set ups work as I expect them to work , I will figure out which set up is more economical and use the other as a ‘back up’

the 12 volt set up will deliver 30 liter of fresh water per hour (8 gallons) , the 220 volt setup will deliver around 50 liter (13 gallon) per hour . The 20 liter (5 gallon) difference comes from the higher feed capacity of the 220 volt system. But that 20 liters difference is easily offset by the fact I don’t have to burn diesel, and/or have to run the generator to make water and can let the 12 volt system run longer to fill up the water tanks . And if either system breaks down while traveling in remote area’s I can quite easily switch it around from 12volt to 220 volt and vice versa and keep making water .

When I was writing all of this I looked at the pictures from the seller and I notice there are 2 pre-filter housings in the pic the seller took, I received one when I got the parts so I just left a message for the seller asking if the other filter housing is still laying around somewhere . He will look tomorrow and get back to me. If he still has that it will make the system all complete !

Imagine how pleased I am having bought a new 150 euro watermaker !!


here’s the manual for the watermaker

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