Atlantic crossing day 2 :

Lat: N15’0”8147
Avg speed day 2: 6.54 kts
Wind : 15 to 32 kts
Temp : 24c during the day , 24c during the night
Distance to Mindelo : 220 miles
Distance to go : 1543 miles

Day 2 was an ‘interesting’ day , one of those days you really only want once in awhile , not everyday. Yesterday the waves we’re building from 1.5 to 2.5 meters . This was expected and not much to worry about. While surfing down one of these waves we went a little more sideways than expected and we had some water over the boat. Happens all the time and nothing to worry about . What doesnt always happen is that we found water all over the matresses and bedding in the girls cabin ! ‘Someone’ decided to open a portlight a d leave it open. The girls both deny doing it so as usual its gnomes that do this !

While investigating further i found a load of water under the girls bed as well , this is where some 12 volt equipment is housed 🙁 most electronics react poorly to salt water and as a result our battery monitor system already stopped working. I wonder what else will fail because of this in the next days/weeks/months

During the night winds were constantly shifting from NW to NE blowing between 20 and 35 knots with 42kts gusts (recorded on our equipment , i didnt notice it) so we needed to tend the sails more than usual

All in all spirits are good , we are tired as we didnt get our 6 hours a day sleep yet but we’re managing , taking a nap here and there. Both girls are great and act and behave normally , sleeping like babies

Day 3

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