Atlantic crossing day 4 : parasailor time

Atlantic crossing day 4 : parasailor time

Lat: N12’4”0382
Avg speed day 4: 5,93 kts
Wind : 15 to 32 kts
Waves : 1.5-3.5 meter
Temp : 26c during the day , 26c during the night, noticeably warmer during the night Distance to Mindelo : 524 miles
Distance to go : 1257 miles

As the wind and waves subsided abit we tried to unfurl the genoa by making circles with Blue Pearl, sadly this didnt work so for now we are unable to use the genoa. Maybe we’ll get a day with very light winds and waves so we can try a few other things. The genoa is rolled up quite good so we’re not afraid that it will damage easily

While we had the mainsail down to run circles we decided to use the parasailor forawhile , man this sail works ! Speed increased from 5 to 7.5 – 8 in 20-25 knots downwind sailing. Sadly the winds picked up again after a few hours amd when the windmeter topped 35 knots a few times we decided to wrestle the sail down. Wrestle ? Eerrrmmmm… yes , it was quite a feat but we were victorious ! Lesson learned , at 30-35 knots of wind its a bitch to get down , so either bring it down at 25kts or leave it up ! (And hope for the wind not to increase much)

We sailed into the much warmer night , watched a millions shooting stars and had a good nights sleep. Were getting used to this Ocean movement .

We still have loads of fresh fruit although the kids do their best to make sure its all gone before we arrive.

Day 5

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