Cartagena, good to be here again!

We’ve arrived in Cartagena. I love this town. It has a beautiful city centre with wide marble streets (car free!) and a beautiful roman amphitheatre that we visited last summer. 

We are now moored at the town quay, just a minute walk from the giant Spanish flag that stands tall on the city square and connects to the inner city. 

We plan to stay here a couple of days before sailing on to Dénia. 

We motorsailed most of the day due to a lack of wind but actually managed to sail for about an hour and a half before the wind died down again. There is something quite special about the moment you turn off the engine and you feel the sails take over, hearing nothing but the sound of rushing water.

We saw another sailboat underway today and ‘raced’ them for a couple of hours. They are moored just behind us now. Underway we took some nice pictures of their boat as we sailed past them and gifted those to them when they joined us for a drink. It’s French sailing boat Eolie, captained by Bernard Blasin and his friend. He told us he left in 2012 and went to the Canary Islands, Bahamas and back to Rabat, Morocco before sailing here. He’s off to the Balearics like we are, so maybe we’ll meet again. It’s always such a pleasure to meet fellow cruisers and hear their stories, even if our French is not up to par. There is always a way to understand each other, using broken sentences and mixing languages when necessary. 

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