En route: Almerimar to Cabo de Gata/Puerto Genovese

En route! After some more delays yesterday evening we finally left Almerimar this morning. Right after we untied the lines and headed out we suddenly found our bow thruster out of order (?) and unable to manoeuvre as intended. Wind blew us into some boats. With (hopefully) just a few scrapes, help from a few locals and a bruised ego (mine) we managed to head out. Oof. Great start (!).


We knew that the first hour or so would be quite uncomfortable as we needed to head to sea into the waves before adjusting course and going with the wind and seas. I quickly found I had been too late taking my seasickness medication. The stress surrounding our departure certainly didn’t help either. Not before long I felt sick, followed by both the girls. We went down to lay on the bed. The second we entered the cabin I vomited into the bucket I had in my hands. Robin followed suit, creating a bizarre bonding moment between us when we both vomited in the bucket at the same time. I kinda, sorta helped Lauren into the bed and Robin onto the couch before I just laid down on the floor in the saloon.


Lauren was the first to feel better and joined Rene in the cockpit. Robin and I needed more time and after a couple of hours of sleep we felt a little better, but not great.


Rene and I decided to stopover at Cabo de Gata to give us all a little break and clean up the mess we made.

At four in the afternoon we dropped anchor. A bowl of warm ramen and calm waters made us all feel so much better. The kids soon after went down to play with their playmobil and Rene and I sat outside for a while, getting some rest.


Now we have sustained winds of 26/27 knots and gusts up to 32/35. As the wind howls outside we are down below huddled together just starting a movie. I’m going to go cook a simple dinner and then we go to sleep. We’ll continue tomorrow towards Aguilas. The winds should be less strong then.


If you’d like to follow us as we sail and see where we are, check our page Where Is Blue Pearl.

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