Leaving Suriname behind

When you’ve been in a place for so long -we’ve been in Suriname for TWO MONTHS- leaving can be a little tricky. Not only because of everything we need to put back in place in order to get the boat ready again, but also mentally. We have had such an amazing time here! Suriname will have a permanent and special place in my heart, for sure.

I apologize for the lack of posts coming from me/us about this special country. It’s not like I didn’t have time but… the last couple of weeks have been… strange, with the repairs on the generator being more complicated and taking longer than we anticipated. Every couple of days we thought we’d be able to leave, only for it to be postponed again.

Rene has been so busy with the technical work I hardly spoke to him on some days. He had to drive to Paramaribo often, for parts, checking in on the repair etc. On more than one occasion he was stuck in traffic as if he were a commuter. I mistakenly figured those days were behind us when we left the Netherlands! Other days he’s been hidden in the lazarette for hours on end busy doing things I have no knowledge of.

But, we are finally ready to leave. The generator is back in working order…. ish. We’ll see how it holds up.

Last things to do today before we untie:

  • Go in the mast one last time to check on the furler
  • Last batch of laundry (here’s to hoping it dries in time! It has been tricky with frequent rainfall, although it’s clear that the wet season is at an end now)
  • Clear away provisions in the spare room so we have a bed to sleep in tonight.
  • One last sweep and hose down. Seriously, beaches are fun but sand is the bane of my existence….
  • Fill the water tanks
  • Actually freaking GO to Tobago!!

And although we seriously loved being here, we’ve been itching to get moving again. We long for blue water and islands and swimming in salt water and maybe -hopefully!- see some of our friends again!!

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