Atlantic crossing day 10 : quiet day , almost

Atlantic crossing day 10 : guiet day, almost

Lat: N06’50”800
Avg speed day 9 : 6,83 kts
Wind : 25 to 35 kts
Waves : 2.5 – 3.5 meter
Temp : 30c during the day , 26c during the night, it was much better Distance to Mindelo : 1470 miles
Distance to go : 327 miles

We have now sailed for 9 times 24 hours , bit confusing as it says ‘day 10’ , but thats the way it is

Hopefully we expect to arrive the day after tomorrow around noon(ish) if everything goes as planned and as calculated , one thing to keep in mind is the currents. Appearantly there’s quite a strong current to the north/west along the brazil/french guyana/surinam/guyana coast so we’re aiming abit lower and sail up , rather than having to beat against the current

Its still not sailing on a glassy sea but either we’ve become used to it or it has quieted down a little ? , maybe a bit of both as the winds no longer reach 40+ during gusts. But still a bit too much wind for the parasailor

Fruit ! The girls really gave it their best the last 9 days and we’re down to 2 bananas and 3 oranges , next would be lemons and limes but I doubt they’d appreciate those, although they might ?

Now if you’ll excuse me i need to troubleshoot the generator again , it stopped producing power, just like a few months ago. I assume its the same part ? (Big capacitor used to exite the generator ) , wish me luck !  Day 11

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