Atlantic crossing day 11 : its winter

Atlantic crossing day 11 : its winter,

Lat: N06’50”800
Avg speed day 1 : 5,83 kts
Wind : 25 to 35 kts
Waves : 2.5 – 3.5 meter
Temp : 30c during the day , 26c during the night
Distance to Mindelo : 1630 miles
Distance to go : 199 miles

This a little belated post as we had so much to do !
Like…. errmm.. dunno , i just didnt feel like it 🙂

As its winter you’re sometimes craving certain foods that belong to the season So we made sauerkraut on board !
Can you believe we actually had a can ? , 32 degrees , sweltering heat , but sauerkraut it was , with smoked sausage , bacon , potatos amd mustard ! It was actually kinda nice after all that fresh sushi , sashimi and tuna steaks

So we’re getting really close to our destination , hopefully only a day but the winds have died on us a little bit so keep your fingers crossed. !

And we have a little bit of a generator problem . As i stated earlier it doesnt gnerate power anymore but with the seas being what they are i dont feel like looking at it, maybe tomorrow ?  Day 12

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