Atlantic crossing day 12 : We did a thing

Atlantic crossing day 12 : We did a thing

Lat: N05’17”116
Avg speed day 12 : 7,83 kts
Wind : 25 to 35 kts
Waves : 1.5 – 2.5 meter
Temp : 30c during the day
Distance to Mindelo : 1830 miles
Distance to go : 0 miles

We did a thing

5 years ago I set foot on a sailboat for the first time of my life, chartering a yacht in Croatia with a bunch of friends

4 years ago we made a plan and we took some sailing lessons

2 years ago we bought Blue Pearl

Today we crossed a ff’ing Ocean !

Do I feel like a sailor now ? , not really , I know enough to point the front end in the direction we want to go , pull some ropes , watch some pieces of cloth go up and making acceptable speeds. Thats about how much I feel I know about sailing (still) , does crossing an Ocean make you a better sailor then ? I dont think so , you just hoist those flappy things, point the boat in the right direction and the wind does the rest. When you arrive lower flappy things et voila ! You’ve arrived.

Do I feel proud ? , Yes ! I am very proud of my partner and kids for making this incredible adventure possible , it probably wouldn’t have happened if they we’re not on board (pun intended) with this crazy stuff.

So how do I really feel ? ,

‘We’ve survived. No, we’ve arrived’

‘Ha ! Crossed a ff’ing Ocean , now lets celebrate’

Like that

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