Atlantic crossing day 3 : day 2 wasn’t over yet

Atlantic crossing day 3 : day 2 wasn’t over yet

Lat: N15’0”8147
Avg speed day 3: 6.35 kts
Wind : 15 to 32 kts
Waves : 3-3.5 meter
Temp : 25c during the day , 25c during the night , still cold during the night Distance to Mindelo : 350 miles
Distance to go : 1435 miles

Just after I hit send on the previous update I heard a weird noise from the front of the boat
Looking I saw that somehow the genua was rolled up weird and somehow rolled up on itself while furling it yesterday
Trying to unfurl it didnt work as the lines and sail were rolled on to itself completely with a weird bulb in the middle !

We rolled up the genua as good as we good and made sure the wind had little to catch on to , it flaps a little when wind rises above 30-33kts but that only lasts a few seconds , so tomorrow when the wind and waves subside a little we will see what we can do , hopefully we can get it sorted

And happy days ! I finally got a good 5 hours sleep 🙂 so quite rested and the adults on board are getting used to the ocean and its movements , kids .. well.. they dont seem to care that everything moves and are doing great

Greetings from Blue Pearl !

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