Atlantic crossing day 7 : the halfway point

Atlantic crossing day 7 : the halfway point

Lat: N09’44”6300
Avg speed day 6: 7,37 kts
Wind : 15 to 32 kts
Waves : 2-3 meter
Temp : 30c during the day , 26c during the night, sweater time during the night! Distance to Mindelo : 961 miles
Distance to go : 830 miles

Day 7 , what a day !
It was the first day we had an average speed of over 7 knots ! Sometimes surfing down waves at 11 knots and never below 5.2/5.3. This means we made up for the days we had a <6 knots average. Due to the gusts we don’t use the parasailor but having the genoa out makes all the difference

And, we’re halfway ! We just passed the halfway mark during the night and it looks great to see that we have less distance to go the disance we travelled.

This Ocean / long distance sailing is a funny thing. At hand hand you know its still a long way to go and at the other hand you loose all sense of time “when did we leave and how many days have we sailed ?” “I dont know , let me look at the calendar or blog posts” meaningless really as days fly by and we’re mesmerized by the waves that pass us. Some come low and slow , the next one high and flies , all different shades of blue. We can stare into nothingness for hours not even thinking about anything.

Everything is fine here , banana’s are slowly ripening, which is actually fun to watch , like watching paint dry with nothing else to do 😉 1 apple left , 2 grapefruits and a bunch of oranges .

Oh.. and we caught a mahi mahi and ate it 🙂  Day 8

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