Atlantic crossing day 8 : waves waves and more waves

Atlantic crossing day 8 : waves waves and more waves

Lat: N09’44”6300
Avg speed day 8: 7,37 kts
Wind : 27 to 42 kts
Waves : 2.5 – 3.5 meter
Temp : 30c during the day , 26c during the night, sweater time during the night! Distance to Mindelo : 1156 miles
Distance to go : 638 miles

Most notable for day 8 , the waves !
They kept increasing together with the wind , just before dark (7pm) I saw some 42kts of wind on the meter somwe put the 2nd reef in the main and in the genoa . Even with these 2reefs speed was incredibly good and still surfing down some big waves

We tried to fish for awhile but the lure was bouncing off the water constantly and wrapping the hooks around the line. So that didnt last long and I put the rod away

There’s really not all that much to tell , were doing good , still have more than enough provisions and we are still making fantastic progress . Not the kind of ‘Sail gently into the night on a glassy ocean’ progress but the ‘rollercoaster ride with waterfeature in the middle part’ kinda progress 😉 , one of these days I hope to tell you about glassy oceans with soothing balmy winds , but first we need to finish this amusementpark ride  Day Nine

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