Atlantic crossing day 9 : laundry day

Atlantic crossing day 9 : laundry day

Lat: N07’56”550
Avg speed day 9 : 6,72 kts
Wind : 27 to 45 kts
Waves : 2.5 – 3.5 meter
Temp : 30c during the day , 26c during the night, full gear at night Distance to Mindelo : 1310 miles
Distance to go : 485 miles

We did the last of our salty soaked bedlinnen , we’re so glad we have a washing machine (thank you again my friend) and one of the coming days, when we feel like it, we’ll put everything where it belongs. “When we feel like it” time seems to really slow down and speed up at the same time. Plenty of time to do things during the day and the day is gone in a blink of an eye, weird.

We’re almost out of fresh fruit and vegetables , they will last a day or 2 before we’re out and have to dig into our freezer and get out the frozen stuff. At least we have a freezer to dig in to , the majority of sailing yachts crossing the ocean have to without one.

Our speed dropped a little bit. We we’re calculating possible arrival times and it seems that doing an avg of 7.5 knots would get us at our destination just after sun set , in the dark. Since we’re both unfamiliar with where we’re going , and the sail pilot is on Joline’s macbook that did not survive a shower , we opted to slow down a little and make landfall (always wanted to say that ! “We’re making landfall !!”) in daylight. Lets hope we can maintain this speed .

485 miles to go, thats less than from the canary islands to cape verdes ! I need to remember to put all the ingredients for caiparina in the fridge and freezer, else we can’t make our customary ‘anchoring / arrival celebration drinks !’

Ok , thats it for day 9 i think ? Oh ! Almost forgot , we caught sushi and sashimi ! Both we’re great and send their regards 😉

All the best from the Blue Pearl crew  Day 10

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