Cruiser community and more .. leaving Bonaire

This is our last night on Bonaire , and its been a great time. If you ask me what made it a great time its the people and not just ‘people’ but the people we find around us that made the same choice we made or are making the same choices. Sure the Island of Bonaire is great, the snorkling and diving has been truly amazing , but what made it for us is the ‘Cruiser community’ and sheer generosity of the people that we find around us. Robin runs the ‘kids vhf net’ and she announced this morning that we will leave soon , ever since then its been a comin’ and going of all the close friends we made in the last months that wanted to say good-bye , wishing us a good trip , give the kids a present , some cookies , and the ‘I am sure we will meet again as we’re all going in the same general direction’ and even offering a car to get the last groceries !

So : Amandla,  Aria , Askari , Avenger , Cape Grace , Cat et Terres,  Cosmos, Craig , Dive friends Bonaire, Eclipse, Fairy Queen , Happy Hour, Heavy Metal , Major Tom, Kokua, My Inspiration, Nausica, Ocean Fox , Pacha Mama, Patrice ‘Bistro Paris’, Poussé par le vent, Stargazer, Rings, Saramia , Sylvester & Wendy, Talanoa, Tara, Tiago, Toes in the Water,  Xpro-diver,  Zouterik ,  Zoë and everyone else I forgot , you guys Rock !!  all of you are just awesome people and made Bonaire unforgettable for us


thank you

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