F*(#*#ing Barracuda’s ate our Boat !!

We have been anchored in Charlottesville Tobago during the last 2 weeks and yesterday I noticed that all 3 tubes no longer were inflated

When I tried to inflate the tubes I heard air and bubbles from all 3 tubes !

We have a large LED light for security on the back of the boat that we keep on during the night to ensure no one can easily approach the boat and board it in the dark but I would have never envisioned that this would cause this ? the LED does attract a lot of fish and we can see the barracuda’s hunting the fish but biting the and leaking the dinghy ?

I then pulled the dinghy out of the water and found half a dozen or more cuts that look like they were made by razor blades or razor sharp teeth
All cuts are below the waterline and some right through the fabric , hence the leaking air and bubbles when I tried to inflate the dinghy

We have not landed the dinghy on a beach littered with razor blades (or broken glass) either

I am not sure that or these slashes can be repaired properly either as some are very close to edges and/or seams and glueing these might not work in the long run either

Contacting the insurance company and explaining how f&(*#&’ing cuda’s ate out dinghy will be fun ! 😉

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