New owners of Blue Pearl !

Time really flies !

Has it really been a month since the last post ? Jeez , I hope keeping up with our planned YT channel goes better than updating this blog 🙂 .

Anyway , since last month a lot has happened , and we finalized the purchase of Blue Pearl. Catchy name isnt it ? We decided that ‘Blue Pearl’ is a good name and we’re keeping her !

So after my last post , what really happened ? Well, the survey was received and all was good . I am planning to upload the survey as well so you can read it . I am not sure I have ever seen a survey posted so some folks may find that interesting as well.

Booked a flight to Lissbon on Friday the 25th of August to do the personal handover , stayed a few days to go over Blue Pearl and getting to know her a little better , looked at stuff we want to add/change etc and flew back home on Sunday the 28th .

Saturday the 3rd of September has already scheduled for a long long time … Sailing In Croatia with the boys !! (6 of us) Food , Wine, Beer , Rum, .. and what else .. oh yes, sailing ! . The route we took this time was Trogir – Stomorska , Stomorska – Bol , Bol – Sesula , Sesula – Rogoznica , Rogiznica – Trogir and fly home on the 10th of September

Then just as I planned to leave for Croatia I received an invitation for a ‘vintage watch collector summit’ at TAG Heuer in Switzerland. Hard to say no to , so off I went to Switzerland on the 11th of September back on the 13th .

So here I am , back home , reflecting on the last month and seeing it was quite hectic ! but we have a boat ! its paid for and its ours. Just a few projects that I am planning and keeping a tally on the expenses since we bought Blue Pearl .

The one (biggest) downside to having bought Blue Pearl in Lisbon is distance , and even though flights are relatively cheap (50-100 euro round-trip in the off season) it is not quite as easy to hop on a plane and spend a few days on Blue Pearl . We need to send the kids out to sleep with the grandparents or other family and Joline cant get away from work on friday’s that easily . This limits travel quite a bit and it doesnt feel right to leave Joline w/ the kids every other weekend . We’ll find a solution to this !

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