Working our way through the backlog of video materials

One of the upsides of being cooped up in a marina with wifi during a lockdown is that we’ve finally taken up the task of working through our huge backlog of video materials. We’re working hard on editing and uploading as we speak.

Our goal is to make the best use of our situation; while we still have a wifi connection, we’re making and uploading as many videos as we can so we can finally share what we’ve been up to!

We are aware we are very behind and neglected our youtube channel. It just wasn’t a priority to us but at the same time, we do love to share our adventures with you!

One thing to note: in the past we’ve been very careful not to include our kids in the videos, at the very least not recognizable. They have now gotten older and have on multiple occasions expressed a desire to be in them. We’ve thought about this and agreed. It is their trip too and when they’re older we want them to look back in pride at all these wonderful adventures we had together. Because we had so many already!

So please join us and enjoy our coming videos with, going forward, more of our kids!

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