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Croatia 2010

July 27 Day 1 Pomer

Last night at 8 o’clock arrived in Pomer after a trip of two days. Sunday morning quietly go driving around 10 hours, a week later than originally planned i.v.m broken car, which was eventually replaced by a Defender. We finally set off for the first time the three of us!

Robin was great, she has spent most of the day lying sleep in the car seat and came to feed more and approximately every 4 hours so we pretty well have to drive through. had no traffic jams, super! In the evening looked a Rasthof after Munich and all three slept wonderfully. Also Monday no traffic jams so tasty steadily can drive by and the Defender to do the heavy lifting.

After arriving in Pomer, the last few kilometers to the ACI Marina on fairly narrow, winding and sometimes steep roads, parked the boat and first go as quietly eat in the restaurant next to the marina, with a well deserved cold pivo course .

This morning, after a restless night by a loud party across the bay, at 8 o’clock the boat left the faucet in the water. The harbor has a ramp, but it was full of old iron. Literally.

Furthermore, today quietly trimmed the boat, arranged the papers in Pula, shopped and enjoyed the fact that we are there again. Delicious!

Also went to the port of Verudela to see how it is with Franz. Unfortunately, his spot at the dock was empty. After the news about his health last year we fear that it’s over. Best, Franz, wir sollen einer für Sie trinken!

July 28 Day 2 Prvic Luka

Start: 205.0

Final: 212.0

Cruising Hours: 6

Around noon refueled in Verudela and then with great speed course put to the south! Turn tank of 230 liters of diesel was at 1,700 kuna. The port in Pomer cost 280 kuna for the night. It’s a pretty neat harbor but for that price were working showers in the toilet block for the ladies yet been sliced.

However, we feel that ‘it’ is now really begun. The plan was to sail as far mogeijk today to the south and they succeeded. The weather was fine, the sea calm with only the last hour just waves. Robin sleeping inside a well secured car seat and go!

Now we lie quietly in the bay to a buoy á 127 kuna and we pack so the dinghy to score a pizza. Ciao!

July 29 Day 3 Rogac (Solta)

Start: 212.0

Final: 214.1

Cruising Hours: 2.1

What a life. Waking up in a sunlit bay, breakfast in the cockpit with coffee and fresh pastries, a fresh morning swim and then motor and to the south. With south wind the sea was rougher than yesterday, with from Sibenik to about 1.50 m with here and there a white cup. The boat kept himself well and picked up nicely most of the toppenm of waves waaardoor big indexes were spared. Robin was asleep in the car seat and did not bother the have, but this is the maximum we want to do with her aboard.

Because we have beaten the crossing to Trogir this boat Karnic higher than last year. Under the bridge, we can no longer by (* later found out that it could easily have been done yet, oh well). And now outside dangers to Solta, where we lie in the known Rogac. The gray harbor master is still there and still smokes a pipe but cigarettes. This afternoon when we arrived it was mostly empty here. We are just like last year, on the north side of the nose against the quay. One night cost us now with bigger boat 112 kuna. We have electricity, and there is water.

there is less good weather predicted for tomorrow. Strong winds from the south and rain. That everyone thereof is shown by the fact that the harbor now is full and there are still boats enter.

This afternoon for the first time been in the sea with Robin, from the pebbly beach here in the bay. The water was a lot colder than last year, but safe in the arms of dad was quite nice in the wet stuff.

The weather here suits us fine and we found it no problem here waiting for the bad weather. Maybe we tackle tomorrow again the ferry to Split. Stralks in any case a tasty bite to eat, our experience last year, we knew we had to reserve a place this afternoon. We look forward to the risotto with seafood and pizza with anchovies which like excellent to us last year.

As it stands now we want, as the weather has cleared up, to fish to go then towards Dubrovnik. We shall see, first have to wait again.

July 30th Day 4 Rogac (Solta)

Cruising hours 0

Today not gone because of the weersvoorspellijg. The day doorgebraht with polishing the boat, doing laundry and watching bumbling sailboats trying to build with crosswind. The weather was changing, there was clearly more wind, there were a lot more clouds, but also a lot of sun. Adjust the evening moved into the real one we had a few big rain and thunderstorms. The water was onruistig and we had extra lines biased to be somewhat more stable, but all the boats in the small port were to fluctuate considerably.

July 31 Day 5 Rogac (Solta)

Cruising hours 0

So, that was really heavy showers. Yet all three slept. Last night in the pouring rain from the restaurant walked back to the boat, a sleeping Robin in the car seat between us and the umbrella above. The bimini and sides do not fit quite right because they actually played on the last boat, therefore, the bimini out taut and gathered there proper rainwater lakes on the canvas. Pikhaken struts with a broom and helped sufficient to drain the water, and it felt really just like camping in Holland. Also in the memories go to bed at camping grief: it had a little peck upon, through the furnace cupholders our bed or the window probably, and therefore the bedding had become a little wet. Well. Dry it again.

Today in the morning was a little wind and overcast ring, but it cleared up quickly and we decided Trogir to do today. First by ferry to Split and then in three minutes by bus to Trogir. What a great city! Last year we had already seen a bit from the water and now ‘close’. Robin was super sweet and looked quietly around them from the baby carrier when dad or mom of the sling, with occasional nice nap. We could meanwhile at ease to enjoy the beauty. Beautiful streets with worn pebbles, old buildings and gems vistas. The old fort visited on the boulevard (inside not as impressive, is used as a summer cinema and, to assess the odor, public toilet. Well nice view above) and the large Venetian cathedral, where just before that had been a wedding. Both also eat a delicious ice cream and the market strawled and then the bus back to Split again. Who stopped on the road and drove on back roads through villages, so the way took about a half hour. Striking the road we found that almost all the houses have a vegetable garden with tomatoes, peppers, plums, sometimes corn, lots of figs and occasionally pomegranates. Actually quite logical because it grows with all this climate as carbon (haha). What we are weird with our ornamental gardens with crew cut grass and flowers grow.

On all terribly shocked berth in Split when René stumbled on the pier and fell with Robin in the baby carrier. Fortunately, he could just be throwing it on time so Robin, a hysterical cry after, nothing was wrong. René has his leg quite planed and we are especially very shocked. It could have turned out very differently. Let’s just too much to think. But now we have even more cautious, because we have seen how quickly things can go wrong.

Upon return to the boat Robin laid in bed (Deryan travelcot – ideal) and sit barbecue in the cockpit.

August 1 day 6 a bay somewhere on Hvar

N43º13′.438, E016º34′.192

214.1 starts

end 216.7