(Not) Buying a Lagoon 2014 450 hull number 328 Tomino in Greece

For the last 6 months we have been trying to buy a 2014 Lagoon 450 F hull number # 328 named Tomino

Initially everything looked great but as I heard there could be some potential issues with the rigging tension , mast step and support below the mast we asked the surveyor to pay closer attention to this area . And lo and behold the surveyor found delamination on the non-structural bulkhead under the mast and pulled out bolts on the lower end of the mast step

also some of the doors were no longer hanging straight

After discussing this with the sellers broker he admitted that this is a known issue with the Lagoon 450 here , when the mast is placed slightly too far back , the mast compression post bends , pushing down the non-structural bulkhead and causing other issues

the kind broker even provided a quote for repair, personally I believe the repairs will be much higher than the 5000 euro quoted , but hey , who am I ?

After the final survey report (which I am not allowed to share) the surveyor came up with the following repair plan (which I am sharing as it share worthy)

And now the whole circus starts !! sellers that do not want to get Tomino repaired or even acknowledge there is a problem